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      Issues with Your Eyesight?

      Are you struggling to read which is the shampoo and which is the conditioner  in the shower.

      Or perhaps you have noticed a general decline in your vision


      Some disease like Glaucoma are treatable, but when the damage has been done,  cannot be repaired
      Speak with an experienced Brisbane Ophthalmologist before it is too late!
      And receive a sound diagnosis based on years of specialising in the treatment of eye disease and surgery to ageing adults.

      Brisbane eye surgeons that specialises in :-

       Laser Eye Surgery
      Cataract Surgery
      Glaucoma Treatment
      Lens Replacement
      Pterygium Removal

      Brisbane Ophthalmology Experts

      View information on a range of specialist eye treatments at Brisbane locations below

      cataract illustration showing clear lens and cloudy lens
      Cataract Surgery
      When a patient experiences cataracts, you experience a gradual decline in vision . There is no real predictable timetable..
      older lady have an eye exam by male dr
      Refractive Lens Exchange
      Lens replacement surgery also called clear lens extraction and Refractive lens exchange, may be a better option for people with presbyopia and high hyperopia.
      Laser Eye Surgery
      Find the laser eye surgery option that is right for your age. Get the right option for your stage of life. Read more on Lasik, PRT and PRK surgery
      old surfer with Pterygium on eyes from brisbane sunshine
      Pterygium Removal
      Pterygium, often called "Surfers Eye" Caused from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet. There are other causes - can be treated
      Glaucoma Treatment
      The latest research and techniques in treating glaucoma can both improve vision and preserve existing vision for many patients.

      Exceptional Eye Care and Diagnosis

      Our eyes can be a great indicator to our general health and well being. An extensive eye exam goes much deeper than your prescribing contact lenses. or spectacles An experienced ophthalmologist will give you the the expert care and advice no matter if you are a new patient or an existing one.

      Not all doctors are Eye Experts
      Blurry vision is not always a simple refractive error that glasses or contact lenses can correct. It may be more serious, a symptom eye disease..
      What to expect with a Comprehensive Eye Exams
      Good Eyesight is one of life’s most important senses. A brief overview of tests your Brisbane Eye Doctor will carryout include: • An extensive check of both exterior and interior of the eye. • Comprehensive examination that will include checks for glaucoma, farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and more. • Tests to check the correct functioning eye coordination muscles.




      Retinal dysfunction and disease does not have to impact your vision. Let us help you.



      Get prompt effective treatment to many conditions that effect your cornea. Get a specialist to help you


      Dry Eye

      Chronic Dry Eye can seriously impact the quality of your life. Whilst it sounds mild, sufferers should seek medical advice.


      Ocular Allergy

      Many allergies that effect the eyes can cause pain or burning. A vision specialist can diagnose and relieve your suffering

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      If you Have Any Questions at all, Speak to an eye specialist!! DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT US ANY TIME.