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What is Pterygium

Pterygium effects the conjunctava or mucas membrane. It is a growth of fleshy pink tissue that covers this clear tissue lining your eyelid and eyeball.

Also known as “Surfers Eye” it usually starts forming closest to your nose and spreads towards the pupil.

It can effect either eye or both at the same time.

 The term “bilateral pterygium’ is the covering of both eyes

Whilst the exact cause may be unclear.

A pinkish, triangular tissue growth on the cornea of the eye.

Usually forms near the nose on the cornea.

Often slow to grow but rarely grows  large enough to cover the pupil. Often both eyes are involved.

What Causes Pterygium

The highest risk group are males, aged 20-40 who live in a sunny climate, making Australian population one of the leading sufferers of this complaint
Other considerations include:-

  • Excessive Ultraviolet light exposure
  • Continual exposure to irritants such as wind, pollen, smoke and dust
  • Suffering from dry eyes

Symptoms of Pterygium

If there are symptoms, it most likely will be mild and can include the following:-

  • rednessirritation of eyes
  • blurry vision
  • itchiness
  • burning sensation

Contact lens wearers often have to revert back to glasses due to the discomfort when wearing the lens.
In acute cases scarring can occur on your cornea which can cause loss of your vision.

How do I know if I have a pterygium

If you are suffering, itchiness, blurred vision, burning sensation

be sure to contact Your Brisbane Eye Specialist

who can correctly diagnose pterygium – usually by an eye examination

Don't risk deterioration in your vision

Speak to an experienced eye specialist about your Pterygium
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